Scott's editting of Kieron's VO


Mr. M,


#1     I tossed one of the tracks.  It was a mono file (I checked with a phase scope plugin) so no need to double the storage and processing.

Also recording was at 44.1/16.  Video is at 48/16, and I always work at 48/24 so it was converted when I brought it in.

I work at 24 because the processing is smoother.

#2     took a noise print from a quiet part and did a NR pass on the whole file.  iZotopes Rx.

If you do noise reduction it's best to do it first.

#3     Ran Rx's DeClipper on the whole file.  (found 1065 clipped instances - samples at 0)

#4    Put an EQ on the track and went hunting resonances.
Found three bothersome ones and notched them down.  You "hunt" by getting a filter with a very hi Q and boosting it.  while sweeping the spectrum.  Once you find one then you just reverse it from boosting to cutting and maybe lower the Q.

So the cuts were

-14 @ 121 Hz  Q= 6.3
  -6 @ 184  Hz Q=7.4
-12 @ 307 Hz Q= 10

Then a low roll off @42Hz of 24dB/ Octave
and a high cut @10kHz of 24 dB/ Octave

These are just basic cleanups.  I would normally have the low at closer to 80Hz but his voice is so low that that would have been audible.  The main purpose is to make sure you don't have an Subsonic junk ridding along.  A bonus is you loose some rumble and handling/ wind noise if that is an issue.

The High cut is also out of the vocal range (or move higher if you have a really high voice) and you are just getting rid of stuff you don't want/ need.

Then I added a little boost for clarity +3dB @ 1.62 kHz Q = 1

Adds a bit to intelligibility.

#5    Split the "movie voice" from the "normal voice" and moved them to a new track.
Copied the EQ to the new track and removed the boost from the settings.  Don't really need it when he's doing his "movie voice" and it fights that "trailer" sound.

#6    Added a mastering limiter to the "Movie Voice" track.
Threshold -12
Max limit -6
Release = Fast
Mode = Mellow

These settings are probably not too translatable.  It's basically a fair amount of compression to give it that movie trailer perceived loudness.

Probably could have put a touch of reverb on there also but?  And it really ought to be added at the end and you are going to slice this up a bit anyway and that would get problematic with any reverb.

I bounced out a file as above and a second one where I disabled the limiter in case you didn't like it.

I'm going to be heading out to give a lecture shortly but if you want any changes or if I missed something send an email and I can fix it tonight and get you a new file.

This was about an hour.  A little less if you don't count documenting and a little more if you count contemplating your naval trying out things that might work - that you knew wouldn't... probably.


Oh and since describing an EQ is not a great way to picture it I did a screen shot.


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