Tweaking Levels – Voice Processing

February 11th, 2004

Voice Processing | Level Headed
by Gregg McVicar

Now that Jeff has explained the basics of compression,
and equalization,
let’s talk about how to use these classic tools to create
radio that sounds warm and clear, even on car radios
and Internet streams. Rest assured that most recordings
made on modest broadcast-quality equipment will sound
just fine on the air with little or no technical fussing.
A good mic, well-placed with careful attention to levels
is far more critical to success than anything that follows.

But as our work becomes
more complex, we’ll be encountering a wider variety of voices and trying to
blend audio from disparate sources into one cohesive sound. There’s an art to
it, but also some science, so we’ll need we’ll need to focus on how audio levels
will be perceived by our listeners, wherever they are.




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